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Shift Next 07 (Signal Kattoobi) (シフトネクストゼロセブン (シグナルカットービ), Shifuto Nekusuto Zero Sebun (Shigunaru Kattōbi)): Allows Drive to gain the Next 07 Tire. Meaning period of working time (originally in a mine) is attested from 1809, with older sense relay of horses (1708); perhaps with sense influenced by a North Sea Germanic cognate word (e. It can also transform Tridoron into its own Type Technic mode. Shift Super Spin Mixer (シフトスーパースピンミキサー, Shifuto Sūpā Supin Mikisā, Based on a concrete mixer): Allows Drive to gain the Super Spin Mixer Tire. Unlike the Shift Brace, it doesn t require them to change the selected Shift Car into its Lever Mode to be inserted shift shift. The only way to stop this is to strike Drive with either a finishing move or an attack strong enough to deactivate Shift Dead Heat s influence on him so that he can cancel the transformation. Old English sciftan, scyftan arrange, place, order, also divide, partition; distribute, allot, share, from Proto-Germanic *skiftan (cf. Some Shift Cars enhance Drive s current Type form with a Tire Exchange (タイヤ交換, Taiya Kōkan), adding the last part of a Shift Car s name to his current Type (i. Shift High Speed (シフトハイスピード, Shifuto Hai Supīdo, Based on a luxurious sports car): Allows Drive to transform into Type High Speed. Shift High Rolling Gravity (シフトハイローリンググラビティ, Shifuto Hai Rōringu Gurabiti, Based on a road roller): Allows Drive to gain the High Rolling Gravity Tire. Shift High Hooking Wrecker (シフトハイフッキングレッカー, Shifuto Hai Hukkingu Rekkā, Based on a tow truck): Allows Drive to gain the High Hooking Wrecker Tire shift shift. TThe DX Drive Driver announces this with the unreleased Signal Bike Signal Cho Kikern. Belt s eyes on the field, allowing him to discreetly observe whatever the Type Change Cars are observing, and communicate with Shinnosuke when he isn t around. As long as someone has a Shift Car on their person, they are able to ignore the time distortions a Roidmude emits when active, unless multiple time distortion effects occur.

The Roidmude driver, along with his possessed vehicle, is destroyed by Kamen Rider Chaser. Shift Full Tank F01 ; Based on a gas refueling tank): Allows Drive to gain the twin Mantarn F01 Tires, granting him a nitro boost-like effect. Typewriter shift key is from 1893; shift-lock is from 1899. In the process, it gained the unexpected ability to allow Drive to transform into Type Tridoron, something no one, not even Mr. Other Special Investigation Unit members are also aware of their existence but dismiss them as Shinnosuke s toy cars. Shift Speed (シフトスピード, Shifuto Supīdo, Based on a sports car): Allows Drive to transform into Type Speed, granting him acceleration capabilities that enable him to move and attack at high velocities. The DX Drive Driver announces this with the Tridoron Key. In episode 21, Medic captures all of the Tire Exchange Shift Cars (except the Type Formula-styled ones) and brainwashes them into being Chase s assistants as they overpower Drive. Shift Ultra Colorful Commercial (シフトウルトラカラフルコマーシャル, Shifuto Urutora Karafuru Komāsharu, Based on a mobile billboard): Allows Drive to gain the Ultra Colorful Commercial Tire. Mashin Chaser tried to use them in a suicide attack against Drive Type Dead Heat, but Drive managed to assume Type Formula and rescue them along with Kiriko from the blaze. The DX Drive Driver announces this with Signal Tomarle. Shift Dash Road Winter (シフトダッシュロードウィンター, Shifuto Dasshu Rōdo Uintā, Based on an ice resurfacer): Allows Drive to gain the Dash Road Winter Tire. Shinnosuke must have a cool, calm, and clear mind in order to use Type Technic. Shift Super Dead Heat (シフトスーパーデッドヒート, Shifuto Sūpā Deddohīto, Based on a motorcycle and sidecar): Presumably allows Drive to transform into Type Super Dead Heat.

By itself, F02 can create a large energy jack to lift something off the ground. ) (シフトマンターンF01 (アップグレード バージョン), Shifuto Mantān Efu Zero Wan (Appugurēdo bājon), lit. Similar double senses of division and relay of workers exist in Swedish skift, German schicht.Nxt.
. , it began to be used as a euphemism for smock, and was itself displaced, for similar reasons of delicacy, in 19c. The DX Drive Driver announces this with the unreleased Signal Bike Signal Cho Tousan. Shift Dash Formula (シフトダッシュフォーミュラ, Shifuto Dasshu Fōmyura, Based on a Formula One car): Presumably allows Drive to transform into Type Dash Formula. Because Type Speed is Drive s main form, it doesn t need any special requirements or emotional frames of mind for Shinnosuke to access. Shift Next 03 (Signal Tomarle) (シフトネクストゼロスリー (シグナルトマーレ), Shifuto Nekusuto Zero Surī (Shigunaru Tomāre), Based on a sports bike): Allows Drive to gain the Next 03 Tire. Only appears in Shift Next Special (シフトネクストスペシャル, Shifuto Nekusuto Supesharu, Based on a futuristic car): Allows Drive to transform into Type Special using the yellow Special side of the Shift Car. The DX Drive Driver announces this with the unreleased Signal Bike Signal Cho Tomarle. Shift Mega Burning Solar (シフトメガバーニングソーラー, Shifuto Mega Bāningu Sōrā, Based on a solar car): Allows Drive to gain the Mega Burning Solar Tire. Shift Dash Rumble Dump (シフトダッシュランブルダンプ, Shifuto Dasshu Ranburu Danpu, Based on a dump truck): Allows Drive to gain the Dash Rumble Dump Tire. The DX Drive Driver announces this with the unknown upgraded version of Signal Ittsu. .

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